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Epidata API Client Libraries.

Epidata clients are available for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, and R. The following samples show how to import the library and fetch Delphi’s COVID-19 Surveillance Streams from Facebook Survey CLI for county 06001 and days 20200401 and 20200405-20200414 (11 days total).

For anyone looking for COVIDCast data, please visit our COVIDCast Libraries.

CoffeeScript (in Node.js)

# Import
{Epidata} = require('./delphi_epidata')
# Fetch data
callback = (result, message, epidata) ->
  console.log(result, message, epidata?.length)
Epidata.covidcast(callback, 'fb-survey', 'smoothed_cli', 'day', 'county', [20200401, Epidata.range(20200405, 20200414)], '06001')

JavaScript (in a web browser)

<!-- Imports -->
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="delphi_epidata.js"></script>
<!-- Fetch data -->
  var callback = function(result, message, epidata) {
    console.log(result, message, epidata != null ? epidata.length : void 0);
  Epidata.covidcast(callback, 'fb-survey', 'smoothed_cli', 'day', 'county', [20200401, Epidata.range(20200405, 20200414)], '06001');


Optionally install the package from PyPI using pip(env):

pip install delphi-epidata

Otherwise, place in the same directory as your Python script.

# Import
from delphi_epidata import Epidata
# Fetch data
res = Epidata.covidcast('fb-survey', 'smoothed_cli', 'day', 'county', [20200401, Epidata.range(20200405, 20200414)], '06001')
print(res['result'], res['message'], len(res['epidata']))


# Import
# Fetch data
res <- Epidata$covidcast('fb-survey', 'smoothed_cli', 'day', 'county', list(20200401, Epidata$range(20200405, 20200414)), '06001')
cat(paste(res$result, res$message, length(res$epidata), "\n"))