COVID-19 Hospitalization by State

This data source is a mirror of the “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State Timeseries” and “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State” datasets provided by the US Department of Health & Human Services via The latter provides more frequent updates, so it is combined with the former to create a single dataset which is as recent as possible.

HHS performs up to four days of forward-fill for missing values in the facility-level data which are aggregated to make this state-level dataset. This sometimes results in repeated values in the state-level data. A sequence of two repeated values is extremely common, and longer sequences are rare. Repeated values added in this way are sometimes updated if the underlying missing data can be completed at a later date.

Starting October 1, 2022, some facilities are only required to report annually.

For more information, see the official description and data dictionary at for “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State Timeseries,” as well as the official description for “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State.” The data elements, cadence, and how the data are being used in the federal response are documented in a FAQ published by Health & Human Services.

General topics not specific to any particular data source are discussed in the API overview. Such topics include: contributing and citing.


This data source provides various measures of COVID-19 burden on patients and healthcare in the US.


The base URL is:

See this documentation for details on specifying locations and dates.



Parameter Description Type
states two-letter state abbreviations list of states
dates dates list of dates or date ranges


Parameter Description Type
issues issues list of “issue” dates or date ranges

If issues is not specified, then the most recent issue is used by default.


Field Description Type
result result code: 1 = success, 2 = too many results, -2 = no results integer
epidata list of results array of objects
epidata[].state state pertaining to this row string
epidata[].date date pertaining to this row integer
epidata[].issue the date on which the dataset containing this row was published integer
epidata[].* see the data dictionary. Last synced: 2021-10-21  
message success or error message string

Example URLs

MA on 2020-05-10 (per most recent issue)

    "result": 1,
    "epidata": [
            "state": "MA",
            "issue": 20201116,
            "date": 20200510,
            "hospital_onset_covid": 53,
            "hospital_onset_covid_coverage": 84,
            "inpatient_beds": 15691,
            "inpatient_beds_coverage": 73,
            "inpatient_beds_used": 12427,
            "inpatient_beds_used_coverage": 83,
            "inpatient_beds_used_covid": 3625,
            "inpatient_beds_used_covid_coverage": 84,
            "previous_day_admission_adult_covid_confirmed": null,
            "previous_day_admission_adult_covid_confirmed_coverage": 0,
            "previous_day_admission_adult_covid_suspected": null,
            "previous_day_admission_adult_covid_suspected_coverage": 0,
            "previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed": null,
            "previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_coverage": 0,
            "previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_suspected": null,
            "previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_suspected_coverage": 0,
            "staffed_adult_icu_bed_occupancy": null,
            "staffed_adult_icu_bed_occupancy_coverage": 0,
            "staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_suspected_covid": null,
            "staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_suspected_covid_coverage": 0,
            "staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_covid": null,
            "staffed_icu_adult_patients_confirmed_covid_coverage": 0,
            "total_adult_patients_hosp_confirmed_suspected_covid": null,
            "total_adult_patients_hosp_confirmed_suspected_covid_coverage": 0,
            "total_adult_patients_hosp_confirmed_covid": null,
            "total_adult_patients_hosp_confirmed_covid_coverage": 0,
            "total_pediatric_patients_hosp_confirmed_suspected_covid": null,
            "total_pediatric_patients_hosp_confirmed_suspected_covid_coverage": 0,
            "total_pediatric_patients_hosp_confirmed_covid": null,
            "total_pediatric_patients_hosp_confirmed_covid_coverage": 0,
            "total_staffed_adult_icu_beds": null,
            "total_staffed_adult_icu_beds_coverage": 0,
            "inpatient_beds_utilization_coverage": 72,
            "inpatient_beds_utilization_numerator": 10876,
            "inpatient_beds_utilization_denominator": 15585,
            "percent_of_inpatients_with_covid_coverage": 83,
            "percent_of_inpatients_with_covid_numerator": 3607,
            "percent_of_inpatients_with_covid_denominator": 12427,
            "inpatient_bed_covid_utilization_coverage": 73,
            "inpatient_bed_covid_utilization_numerator": 3304,
            "inpatient_bed_covid_utilization_denominator": 15691,
            "adult_icu_bed_covid_utilization_coverage": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_covid_utilization_numerator": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_covid_utilization_denominator": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_utilization_coverage": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_utilization_numerator": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_utilization_denominator": null,
            "inpatient_beds_utilization": 0.6978504972730191,
            "percent_of_inpatients_with_covid": 0.2902550897239881,
            "inpatient_bed_covid_utilization": 0.21056656682174496,
            "adult_icu_bed_covid_utilization": null,
            "adult_icu_bed_utilization": null
    "message": "success"

Code Samples

Libraries are available for JavaScript, Python, and R. The following sample shows how to import the library and fetch MA on 2020-05-10 (per most recent issue).


Optionally install the package using pip(env):

pip install delphi-epidata

Otherwise, place from this repo next to your python script.

# Import
from delphi_epidata import Epidata
# Fetch data
res = Epidata.covid_hosp('MA', 20200510)
print(res['result'], res['message'], len(res['epidata']))

Repair Log

If we ever need to repair the data record due to a bug in our code (not at the source), we will update the list below.

October 21, 2021

All issues between 20210430 and 20211021 were re-uploaded to include new columns added by HHS. If you pulled these issues before October 21, the data you received was correct, but was missing the added columns.

January 22, 2021

The following issues were repaired:

  • 20210113
  • 20210118

These issues had been imported using the wrong column order due to an imprecise database migration. If you pulled these issues before January 22, you will want to discard that data.