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Missing Value Coding

Occasionally, data will be missing from our database and will be explicitly coded as NaN. In these cases, we strive to supply our best-known reason for the value to be missing by providing an integer code in the corresponding missing_ column (i.e. missing_value corresponds to the value column). The integer codes are as follows

Code Name Description
0 NOT MISSING This is the default value for when the field is not missing.
1 NOT APPLICABLE This value is used when the field is not expected to have a value (e.g. stderr for a signal that is not estimated from a sample).
2 REGION EXCEPTION This value is used when the field is not reported because the particular indicator does not serve the geographical region requested.
3 CENSORED This value is used when the field has been censored for data privacy reasons. This could be due to reasons such as low sample sizes or simply a requirement from our data partners.
4 DELETED This value is used when the field was present in previous issues, but is no longer reported. Deletions can arise due to bug fixes, changing censorship requirements, or data corrections from the source.
5 OTHER This value is used when the field is missing, but does not fall into any of the categories above.

These codes are supplied as part of the delphi_utils Python library (see here).