Wikipedia Access

This is the API documentation for accessing the Wikipedia Access (wiki) endpoint of Delphi’s epidemiological data.

General topics not specific to any particular endpoint are discussed in the API overview. Such topics include: contributing, citing, and data licensing.

Wikipedia Access Data

Number of page visits for selected English, Influenza-related wikipedia articles.

  • Source: Wikimedia
  • Temporal Resolution: Hourly, daily, and weekly from 2007-12-09 (2007w50)
  • Spatial Resolution: N/A
  • Other resolution: By article (54)
  • Open access


The base URL is:

See this documentation for details on specifying epiweeks, dates, and lists.



Parameter Description Type
articles articles list of articles
language language (currently en, es, and pt supported) string
dates dates list of dates
epiweeks epiweeks list of epiweeks


  • Only one of dates and epiweeks is required. If both are provided, epiweeks is ignored.


Parameter Description Type
hours hours list of hours (0-23)


Field Description Type
result result code: 1 = success, 2 = too many results, -2 = no results integer
epidata list of results array of objects
epidata[].article   string
epidata[].count   integer
epidata[].total   integer
epidata[].hour hour (-1 if hour not used) integer
epidata[].date date (yyyy-MM-dd) (only included if date used) string
epidata[].epiweek epiweek (only included if epiweek used) integer
epidata[].value   float
message success or error message string

Example URLs

Wikipedia Access article “influenza” on 2020w01

  "result": 1,
  "epidata": [
      "article": "influenza",
      "count": 6516,
      "total": 663604044,
      "hour": -1,
      "epiweek": 202001,
      "value": 9.81910834
  "message": "success"

Wikipedia Access article “influenza” on date 2020-01-01

  "result": 1,
  "epidata": [
      "article": "influenza",
      "date": "2020-01-01",
      "count": 676,
      "total": 82359844,
      "hour": -1,
      "value": 8.20788344
  "message": "success"

Code Samples

Libraries are available for JavaScript, Python, and R. The following samples show how to import the library and fetch national Wikipedia Access data for article “influenza” on epiweeks 201940 and 202001-202010 (11 weeks total) for hours 0 and 12 in English.

JavaScript (in a web browser)

<!-- Imports -->
<script src="delphi_epidata.js"></script>
<!-- Fetch data -->
<script>'influenza', null, [201940, Epidata.EpidataAsync(202001, 202010)], [0, 12]).then((res) => {
    console.log(res.result, res.message, res.epidata != null ? res.epidata.length : 0);


Optionally install the package using pip(env):

pip install delphi-epidata

Otherwise, place from this repo next to your python script.

# Import
from delphi_epidata import Epidata
# Fetch data
res =['influenza'], None, [201940, Epidata.range(202001, 202010)], [0, 12])
print(res['result'], res['message'], len(res['epidata']))


  • dates, epiweeks, and hours are None by default.
  • language is en by default.


# Import
# Fetch data
res <- Epidata$wiki(list('nat'), NULL, list(201940, Epidata$range(202001, 202010)), list(0, 12), 'en')
cat(paste(res$result, res$message, length(res$epidata), "\n"))