NIDSS Dengue

This is the documentation of the API for accessing the NIDSS Dengue (nidss_dengue) endpoint of the Delphi’s epidemiological data.

General topics not specific to any particular endpoint are discussed in the API overview. Such topics include: contributing, citing, and data licensing.

NIDSS Dengue Data

Counts of confirmed dengue cases from Taiwan’s NIDSS.


The base URL is:

See this documentation for details on specifying epiweeks, dates, and lists.



Parameter Description Type
epiweeks epiweeks list of epiweeks
locations locations list of region and/or location labels


Field Description Type
result result code: 1 = success, 2 = too many results, -2 = no results integer
epidata list of results array of objects
epidata[].location location string
epidata[].epiweek epiweek during which the data was collected integer
epidata[].count number of cases integer
message success or error message string

Example URLs

NIDSS Dengue on 2015w01 (nationwide)

  "result": 1,
  "epidata": [
      "location": "nationwide",
      "epiweek": 201501,
      "count": 20
  "message": "success"

Code Samples

Libraries are available for JavaScript, Python, and R. The following samples show how to import the library and fetch national NIDSS Dengue data for epiweeks 201440 and 201501-201510 (11 weeks total).

JavaScript (in a web browser)

<!-- Imports -->
<script src="delphi_epidata.js"></script>
<!-- Fetch data -->
  EpidataAsync.nidss_dengue('nationwide', [201440, EpidataAsync.range(201501, 201510)]).then((res) => {
    console.log(res.result, res.message, res.epidata != null ? res.epidata.length : 0);


Optionally install the package using pip(env):

pip install delphi-epidata

Otherwise, place from this repo next to your python script.

# Import
from delphi_epidata import Epidata
# Fetch data
res = Epidata.nidss_dengue(['nationwide'], [201440, Epidata.range(201501, 201510)])
print(res['result'], res['message'], len(res['epidata']))


# Import
# Fetch data
res <- Epidata$nidss_dengue(list('nationwide'), list(201440, Epidata$range(201501, 201510)))
cat(paste(res$result, res$message, length(res$epidata), "\n"))