FluView metadata

This is the API documentation for accessing the FluView metadata (fluview_meta) endpoint of Delphi’s epidemiological data.

General topics not specific to any particular endpoint are discussed in the API overview. Such topics include: contributing, citing, and data licensing.

FluView Metadata

Returns information about the fluview endpoint.


The base URL is: https://api.delphi.cmu.edu/epidata/fluview_meta/

See this documentation for details on specifying epiweeks, dates, and lists.


There are no parameters for this endpoint.


Field Description Type
result result code: 1 = success, 2 = too many results, -2 = no results integer
epidata list of results array of objects
epidata[].latest_update date when data was last updated string
epidata[].latest_issue most recent “issue” (epiweek) in the data integer
epidata[].table_rows total number of rows in the table integer
message success or error message string

Example URLs

FluView Metadata


  "result": 1,
  "epidata": [
      "latest_update": "2020-04-24",
      "latest_issue": 202016,
      "table_rows": 957673
  "message": "success"