Licensing for Delphi’s COVID-19 Data Streams

When you use data from Delphi’s COVIDcast Epidata API, we ask that you attribute the source and follow the terms of the data’s licensing agreement. The API contains some data streams produced internally by Delphi, which should be attributed to Delphi, and some republished from other sources, which should be credited. See below for details.

Novel Data

These data streams include data produced novelly by Delphi and intentionally and openly surfaced by Delphi through this API.

We request you attribute our data as follows:

Data from Delphi COVIDcast. Obtained via the Delphi Epidata API.

Academic publications may cite our paper:

Alex Reinhart, Logan Brooks, Maria Jahja, Aaron Rumack, Jingjing Tang, et al. (2021). “An open repository of real-time COVID-19 indicators”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (51) e2111452118.

Creative Commons: Attribution

These data sources are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license:

You may use this data for any purpose, provided you attribute us as the original source, as shown above.

Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial

These data sources are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license:

You may not use this data for commercial purposes, but all other uses are permitted, provided you attribute us as the original source.

Republished Data

These data streams are essentially mirrors of their respective sources, and are published here subject to the original license provided by the source:

More information on the license for each source is available on their respective documentation pages.

If you use the Delphi’s COVIDcast Epidata API to access this data, we additionally request you acknowledge us in your product or publication.