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Delphi’s COVID-19 Data Sources and Signals

Delphi’s COVID-19 Surveillance Streams data includes the following data sources. Data from these sources is expected to be updated daily. You can use the covidcast_meta API endpoint to get summary information about the ranges of the different attributes for the different data sources.

The API for retrieving data from these sources is described in the COVIDcast API endpoint documentation. Changes and corrections to data in this API are listed in the API changelog.

COVIDcast Map Signals

The following signals are currently displayed on the public COVIDcast map:

Name Source Signal
Doctor’s Visits doctor-visits smoothed_adj_cli
Hospital Admissions hospital-admissions smoothed_adj_covid19
Symptoms (Facebook) fb-survey smoothed_cli
Symptoms in Community (Facebook) fb-survey smoothed_hh_cmnty_cli
Away from Home 6hr+ (SafeGraph) safegraph full_time_work_prop
Away from Home 3-6hr (SafeGraph) safegraph part_time_work_prop
Search Trends (Google) ght smoothed_search
Combined indicator-combination nmf_day_doc_fbc_fbs_ght
Cases indicator-combination confirmed_7dav_incidence_num
Cases per 100,000 People indicator-combination confirmed_7dav_incidence_prop
Deaths indicator-combination deaths_7dav_incidence_num
Deaths per 100,000 People indicator-combination deaths_7dav_incidence_prop

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