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COVID-19 Hospitalization: Facility Lookup

This endpoint is a companion to the covid_hosp_facility endpoint. It provides a way to find unique identifiers and other metadata for facilities of interest.

Metadata is derived from the “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by Facility” dataset provided by the US Department of Health & Human Services via

See the official description and data dictionary at for more information.

General topics not specific to any particular data source are discussed in the API overview. Such topics include: contributing and citing.


This data source provides metadata about healthcare facilities in the US.


The base URL is:

See this documentation for details on specifying locations and dates.


Parameter Description Type
state two-letter state abbreviation string
ccn facility CMS Certification Number string
city city name string
zip 5-digit ZIP code string
fips_code 5-digit FIPS county code string

NOTE: Exactly one of the above parameters must be present in requests. Combinations of parameters (e.g. specifying both city and state) are not supported.


Field Description Type
result result code: 1 = success, 2 = too many results, -2 = no results integer
epidata list of results array of objects
epidata[].hospital_pk facility identified by this row string
epidata[].* see the data dictionary  
message success or error message string

Example URLs

Lookup facilities in the city of Southlake (TX)

    "result": 1,
    "epidata": [
            "hospital_pk": "450888",
            "state": "TX",
            "ccn": "450888",
            "address": "1545 E SOUTHLAKE BLVD",
            "city": "SOUTHLAKE",
            "zip": "76092",
            "hospital_subtype": "Short Term",
            "fips_code": "48439",
            "is_metro_micro": 1
            "hospital_pk": "670132",
            "state": "TX",
            "ccn": "670132",
            "hospital_name": "METHODIST SOUTHLAKE HOSPITAL",
            "address": "421 E STATE HIGHWAY 114",
            "city": "SOUTHLAKE",
            "zip": "76092",
            "hospital_subtype": "Short Term",
            "fips_code": "48439",
            "is_metro_micro": 1
    "message": "success"

Code Samples

Libraries are available for JavaScript, Python, and R. The following sample shows how to import the library and fetch facilities in the city of Southlake (TX).


Optionally install the package using pip(env):

pip install delphi-epidata

Otherwise, place from this repo next to your python script.

# Import
from delphi_epidata import Epidata
# Fetch data
res = Epidata.covid_hosp_facility_lookup(city='southlake')
print(res['result'], res['message'], len(res['epidata']))